TR8X2 Leadscrew with Antibacklash Nut for 3D printers

LDO leadscrews with antibacklash nut for 3D printers. Several types

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Tired of bad leadscrews? 

We are. Therefore we now introduce the LDO leadscrews with LDO antibacklash nut. It's difficult getting good and straight leadscrews as some sources for them are pretty hit and miss on quality. LDO are well-known for there high quality and straight leadscrews. They are also recommended as a first choice by the community. 

Leadscrews for the RailCore II 3D printer?

TR8X4 leadscrew 400 mm are the standard for RailCore II ZL 3D printer. Combined with a 0.9 stepper these give you 0.01mm full steps. For the RailCore II ZLT 3D printer the TR8X4 leadscrew 700 mm long is the recommended choice. A lot of testing on the print quality in the Railcore community has resulted in the recommendation of using TR8X4 with 0.9 steppers instead of using TR8X2 with 0.9 or 1.8 steppers. Get more information about leadscews for the RailCore II printers on 

Leadscrews for the Jubilee Toolchanger 3D printer?

The default choice of leadscrews for the Jubilee toolchanger 3D printer is TR8x2 leadscrews 375 mm long. It is possible to use T8x4 leadscrews 375 mm long. These can effectively double the Z movement speed. This can be very useful for non-printing applications where the bed experiences lots of height changes. When run with 0.9 mm stepper motor, they do not accumulate error in the case where the Z axis moves in full-step increments. (For more on error accumulation with particular leadscrew/motor configurations, see the this calculator.) For more information about leadscrews for the Jubilee Toolchanger 3D printer please visit 

LDO leadscrews specifications 

  • TR8X2 Leadscrew 375 mm long moves 2 mm per revolution (For the Jubilee Toolchanger 3D printer)
  • TR8X4 Leadscrew 400 mm long moves 4 mm per revolution (For the RailCore II ZL 3D printer )
  • TR8X4 Leadscrew 700 mm long moves 4 mm per revolution (For the RailCore II ZLT 3D printer)

These high quality leadscrews from LDO comes with a brass anti backlash nut. 

What is leadscrews? 

A leadscrew, also known as a power screw or translation screw, is a screw used as a linkage in a machine, to translate turning motion into linear motion. Since you are on this product page you probably already know that. 

Mounting instructions.

There are no threads in the antibacklash nut. To avoid that the button head screws "ride" on the spring you must mount the nut on the yoke without the spring using M3 button head screws and M3 nuts. You then mount the spring and the rest of the ABN as the last step.