Eligible for free VAT?

When EU citizens buy goods outside the EU the goods will go though customs and taxes and fees will be added to the purchase. There are 4 charges:

VAT (19% for Germany different for every country)
Customs (Common for the European Union)
Special fees (Special taxes on things like spirits, sugar and the like)
Carrier fee (The carrier that handles the package in customs will often charge a fee. For Dennark as an example the fee is 21 EUR for each package)
Companies only pay the Carrier fee, customs and special fees on import. Private persons pay all taxes and the fee when buying outside EU. The private customer will usually have to pay the taxes when they buy the goods from a company in a webshop.

There is however a loop hole that in certain circumstances allow a webshop to sell goods without VAT. If a webshop sells below a certain treshold to a country (Often 35,000 EUR) no VAT is charged. The effect of this is that when taxes are calculated when you leave the webshop only customers in the country the webshop is located in has to pay VAT. So a Danish webshop can sell to as an example Germany without charging VAT but can not do the same to Denmark. At the moment the sale from www.HighTemp3D.com is low enough to avoid the VAT and VAT is thus not charged on the goods you buy. Only for Danish customers will VAT of 25% be added on the content of the shopping cart.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning VAT