e3d Hemera Y Carriage for Railcore 3D printer

e3d Hemera Y carriage for RailCore 3D printer

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Designed for the Railcore II printers, this is a mount for the E3D Hemera, made out of 6061 Aluminum. These are compatible with the direct extruder variant of the Hemera.

The Hemera Y Carriage was a joint collaboration with Mandala Rose Works and Filastruder.

The Hemera Y Carriage will use it's very own James Tongue Fan Shroud which you can download from Thingiverse and print yourself. 

We also have a download link for some STLs from Thingiverse for a BlTouch mount , a cable bundle mount and the needed spacers for the James Tongue fan shroud.


If you are using the full printed Y carriage that comes with kits, you will also need to either print a belt retainer and clip or upgrade to the machined aluminum one.

The mounting location for the limit switch is built into the Hemera Y Carriage as well. Height on the carriage is the same as an e3dv6.

Assembly instructions for Hemera Y Carriage