Misumi Rails Normal temperature all standard lengths available (Also Railcore IIZL)

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Misumi rails run smooth as butter. You can choose between Stainless steel and carbon steel and high grade and precicion grade. Also select the length you need.  For the Railcore IIZL the rails you need is:

SELB13-395 or SSELB13-395. The Y-Rail must be 395 mm long, the others can be longer but 395 mm is sufficient. Precision grade is not necessary.unless you have a lot of money burning in your pocket. You need the rails with the long blocks because they have 20 mm between the mounting threads.

When choosing between carbon steel and stainless steel consider the environment the printer is operating in. If the humidity is above 60% for long periods of time it is recomended to use stainless steel. Otherwise the carbon steel rails are fine as long as you keep them well greased.

Elsewhere on this shop high temperature rails are also available. If you need special types write me an e-mail and I will get them for you.

SELB13- High Grade Carbon Steel long carriage

SSELB13- High Grade Stainless Steel long carriage

SELBV13- Precision Grade Carbon Steel long carriage

SSELBV13- PreCision Grade Stainless Steel long carriage